INFORMATION / something out of the ordinary

The Workshop of Experimental Magic & Light is a new multimedia company from Brooklyn NY under the direction of artists Jacob Graham and Hannah Schilsky. We specialize in music video production and liquid / laser light projections as accompaniment for live music. But we also do book trailers, color grading, soundtracks, sound effects, logos, jingles, puppets, monsters, and more — we're a full service factory of visual & aural bliss!

Do you need a new piece of footage from the 1950s? '60s, '70s, or 80s? We can do it! How about some footage from the future, or a 1950s vision of the future? We achieve authentic time travel in our work by using the exact methods that were used in those eras. Why use a digital approximation when you could have the real thing?

Our tools and methods include cathode-ray-tube video cameras, paper mâché, clay, analog synthesizers, sewing machines, glass, fire, water, latex, lasers... all sorts of tangible processes to bring your vision to life!

We've done work for Universal / Island Records, Scholastic, Walt Disney Entertainment, The Whitney, Brooklyn Children's Theater, Red Bull Music Academy, New York Yearly Meeting (Quakers), Bread and Puppet Theater, Basil Twist, etc.

photo courtesy Still Sounds Magazine

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